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Who wants to be a PCOS expert? ...crowning our 1st winner...

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Over time we patients have learned a lot about PCOS, so what better way to celebrate PCOS Awareness Month than by testing our knowledge skills in our first ever event “Who wants to be a PCOS Expert?”.

We had a fun evening in a relaxed setting and with plenty of giggles. We were joined by people from all over the world and as far away as Mexico City ! PCOS Vitality were impressed by the level of knowledge – we have to admit it was a very close call.

However, one candidate stood out above the rest and we are pleased that June-Ann, who runs the Black, Broke, Anxious PCOS Podcast got top prize of an Amazon voucher and was under strict instruction not to spend it on PCOS supplements (if you know you know 😊 ) . All runners up received a PCOS Vitality Certificate.

We just want to thank everyone for supporting this our inaugural event and we are already having requests for next year with suggestions of a “Chase” type quiz… get Bradley Walsh on the phone there…

Stay fabulous,


(C) PCOS Vitality 2021

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