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Freja's & PCOS Vitality join forces in making "It's just another bad period" history...

Freja’s is an organisation with one mission:  Making “it’s just a bad period” history and they believe that the first step in getting there, is making sure people understand what life with conditions such as PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) is really like.  Freja’s collects and shares stories of the real day-to-day impact of living with reproductive/endocrine health conditions to change the way society talks, thinks and feels about reproductive health conditions.  A team of dedicated writers, many of whom themselves with these diagnoses, interview people from all over the UK and the stories are shared with permission online.

Freja’s was founded by Majken.  Having struggled with painful and irregular periods, multiple miscarriages, and infertility she knows first-hand how important it is to open the conversation and invite people to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly of living with reproductive organs that just won’t seem to cooperate.  You can read hers and many other stories on

The Freja’s team, who have two main guiding principles when they do these stories: 1. Always stay curious 2. Never ever publish anything without explicit consent, have teamed up with PCOS Vitality to tell stories about life with PCOS.  If you want to work with Freja’s writers on shaping and sharing your story, please get in touch

(c) words & images 2024 Freja's/PCOS Vitality

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