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Learn more now. Simply screenshot it to your phone to refer to. Enjoy!

Team PCOS Vitality.

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It's finally here. You can now view or download the Adolescent Guide to PCOS from the link below. This e-book was designed by women with PCOS to help ensure that younger girls and women with PCOS are better informed about what the condition is and things you can do to cope with it.

Thanks to everyone who was involved from completing the survey, to sharing ideas, to reviewing and writing. A truly great joint effort.

Do let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve it.

(c) PCOS Vitality 2022

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  • PCOS Vitality (c)

We've updated our generic leaflet & it is now available to download for free! If you work with people with PCOS and need some supplies you can email us

Don't forget to check out some of the in-group resources too!

PCOS Vitality Leaflet PCOS Awareness Month 2022
Download PDF • 1.30MB

(c) PCOS Vitality 2022

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