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Meet The Team


Maureen Busby
Nutrition Practitioner
CBT Therapist
CEO & Founder
PCOS Vitality

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"I decided to set up PCOS Vitality due to the lack of awareness of the condition among both the medical profession and the public and hope to be a positive force for change and in turn improve the lives of those with PCOS".  Maureen Busby, Dip Nutrition Practitioner, BSc Hons, MSc with commendation.


Maureen is a Psychologist.  She has a BScHons in Psychology and a Masters in Health Psychology.  She has published several articles on PCOS. 


Maureen is currently involved in the development of the International evidence-based guideline for the assessment and management of PCOS.  Maureen is passionate about Mental Health and is an Expert Reviewer for Rethink Mental Health.  She is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Women's Voices Panel, the Women's Gynae Health Alliance & is on the lived experience panel of the Obesity Health Alliance.  Maureen has carried out research in PCOS & Menopause & presented her findings at the British Psychological Society NI Branch Annual Conference in Belfast in April, 2019.  Maureen is also the founder of Menopause Vitality and is a qualified Nutrition Practitioner and CBT Therapist (Eating Disorders).

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Susanne Busby


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"PCOS clearly runs in our family.  Yet, we have always had to advocate for help for ourselves.  Having a daughter myself, makes me all the more passionate about improving services & support for those of us with PCOS.  It is well beyond time that changes were made so that women and people with PCOS have the adequate support & healthcare provision they need not only in terms of reproductive health but also psychological support and wellbeing."

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Nisha Sharma
Peer Support Group Manager

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"Hi, I’m Nisha Sharma and I have recently joined this lovely team!  I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16 due to an absence of periods, heavy periods and awful PMS.  I was sent on my merry way with the pill to help the periods become regular and to help with the facial hair.  This was to be the case for several years and still being none the wiser about my diagnosis. 

Over the last few years, doing my own research and joining this wonderful group- I have found my own ‘pill’.  I eat healthy (still have the urge for biscuits and chocolates), I exercise when I can, monthly reflexology and massages."

Sunila Siddiqui
Peer Support Group Manager

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About Me: Hello! I am Sunila Siddiqui. I am a part of two projects by University of
Birmingham. I am a DAisy-PCOS Leader since 2020 and a member of The Hildas  promoting health literacy in South Asian women. I'm a dedicated advocate for raising awareness about PCOS and empowering individuals to better manage their health and well-being. With over 17 years of lived experienced with PCOS, Ihave gained valuable insights and wisdom that I am passionate about sharing with others. My journey began with a diagnosis around the age of 16, but in hindsight, I recognise that I exhibited symptoms like excessive facial hair and acne as early as age 11. It was irregular periods that finally led me to seek medical advice, a key
moment that led me to educate and support others facing similar challenges.
Mission: My primary goal is to shed light on the often misunderstood and under-
discussed condition of PCOS. Through my own journey, I have learned that PCOS is a complex and individualised syndrome, affecting women in diverse ways. I believe in the power of knowledge and informed decision-making, which is why I advocate for a well-rounded understanding of PCOS and its impact. With my firs-thand experience, I can provide relatable insights into navigating the challenges of living with PCOS. From managing physical symptoms to coping with the psychological aspects, I'm here to offer guidance and support. As someone from a South Asian background, I understand the unique cultural factors that can impact the perception and treatment of PCOS. I aim
to bridge this gap by promoting open conversations and destigmatizing the condition. I am particularly passionate about reaching out to young girls who are navigating the early stages of PCOS. By offering guidance and reassurance, I hope to empower them to take control of their health and futures.  How you can help: If you are seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable supporter
who understands the multifaceted nature of PCOS, we are here for you at PCOS Vitality. Whether you are newly diagnosed, suspect you might have PCOS, or are supporting someone who does – we are dedicated to providing accurate information, fostering understanding, and promoting self-empowerment. Contact Information: Feel free to connect through this platform. Remember, you are not alone on this journey, and together, we can make a positive impact.
Let’s work together to navigate the journey of living with PCOS and embrace a healthier, more informed lifestyle.

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Mohinee Peer Support Group Manager

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 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome at the age of 16. Though at that time it all seemed confusing, I am now much more grounded due to the support I have received from amazing, fascinating, and strong women. Due to my drastic weight gain, I have suffered from self-esteem and body image issues all throughout my final teenage years. At times, I would even blame PCOS for stealing my most precious years because when I should have been carefree…I was anxious and wanted to hide. As a teenager, I was never comfortable with my body. I often even found it difficult to focus on my studies because of extreme fatigue and brain fog.  

Last year, when I discovered PCOS VITALITY on Instagram, I was amazed by the passion of Ms. Busby. It is her love and her drive to support other women that encouraged me to share my story, ‘’Diary of a PCOS girl’ with her. I remember when I shared the article link with my friends and family, for the first time, I felt heard and seen. My close family members wanted to know more and my friends with PCOS flooded my WhatsApp telling me that for the first time, they felt heard through my story.

This was the beginning of my PCOS awareness journey! Ever since that day, I have tried my best to bring more awareness. As a first step, I created a group chat for my friends with PCOS with promoted emphatic communication. Later I created my Instagram PCOS awareness page, ‘’Spill the tea, cyst!’’ in an attempt to bring more awareness on a national level. I have now realized the importance of Peer Support.

This year’s PCOS awareness month has been exceptional for me because I was part of online events hosted by amazing PCOS awareness organizations and guided by health professionals. My most favorite event was the PCOS: Emotions, Experiences, and Expectations because we finally addressed the mental aspect of PCOS. PCOS is more than just its physical symptoms, there is a whole battle that women with PCOS deal with on a daily basis.

I am now 21 years old. I have a Bachelors of Law (HONS) degree. I pursued Law because I’ve always loved people and I really want to help people.  With this passion and ambition in mind, I want to stand by my cyst-ers and fight this battle with them. We are all in this together!

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