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PCOS Vitality Teen Hub

All your resources in one handy place.

Disclaimer: Not medical advice.  PCOS Vitality provides information only.  Please consult your Dr for medical advice.  PCOS Vitality is not responsible for the content of external sites/links.  All information accurate at time of press.  (c) PCOS Vitality 2021  All rights reserved. 

Facebook PCOS Vitality Peer Support Group Link

Periods A to Z

Adolescent Guide to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

"Could it be PCOS?" School Flyer

"Aunt Flo and other acronyms" - your guide to online Period speak

NHS information on Puberty

Eating Disorders Association NI resources

Feminism in Schools Network
How to set up a Feminist Society in your school?

Pure Mental NI

Equality Period NI

Cysters Youth Activism in reproductive health

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