There is a prevailing narrative that argues that the solution to PCOS is rooted in the individual. PCOS is common, affecting approximately 1 in 5 women & people, so they cannot all be wrong. Nothing is more frustrating & demoralising than being repeatedly told the problem is you.

Many with PCOS acknowledge the role they play in improving symptoms. However, PCOS is not solely the result of individual health behaviours. PCOS is complex. There needs to be an acknowledgement that the ability to change our biology, genes, environment is limited.

For example, in relation to help-seeking behaviours, women & people with PCOS are told to empower themselves. However, empowerment is dependent on the resources & support available. With relation to PCOS both are limited. Often empowered patients are met with barriers to treatments due to the lack of knowledge of PCOS in GPs surgeries, other healthcare settings & public health.

There needs to be a definitive change in the way healthcare tackles PCOS including more research equity & a more collaborative approach. PCOS is a lifelong metabolic condition so a lifelong partnership with healthcare is key.

Women & people with PCOS have been searching for answers for a long time. Empowerment, as manifested in today’s PCOS community, has been empowering itself for years. Maybe now it is time for healthcare to meet women & people with PCOS halfway in addressing what is fundamentally inequality in health & research.

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‘Tis the season to be on a diet yeah? Well actually NO. Drown out the noise of the constant bombardment of people selling weight loss. Instead come and join us in our Facebook Support Group where each week in January we will focus on topics in the PCOS Vitality Protocol©.

While weight gain is often associated with PCOS, it really depends on a lot of factors not just restricting calories and energy expenditure. So instead of jumping on the latest fad diet, join us in going back to basics and looking at how we can use health-promoting behaviours to improve our PCOS symptoms.

All you need to do is join our Facebook Support Group, couldn’t be easier and there are no costs involved.

What’s not to love? You can join here & we start from Monday 11th January 2021;

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DISCLAIMER: not a substitute for medical advice. PCOS Vitality does not advocate any particular course of action or treatment. For general information purposes only. Always consult your medical professionals before changing your eating or exercise routine.

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The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has revealed plans for its first non-profit IVF clinic in London. It is hoped that the new clinic will go some way to addressing the current level of fertility inequality in the UK.

BPAS will seek to challenge the disparity in fertility provision that many currently experience. They also hope to get rid of some restrictions in relation to status, age or financial situation. The new clinic will charge only the true cost of treatment for each cycle without drugs. It will also exclude expensive and often unnecessary & ineffective additional treatments. Recently, there have been calls for greater regulation of fertility services as it has been reported that some clinics offer services at exploitative prices playing on the anxieties of women struggling to conceive who may be vulnerable.

Given restricted access to fertility treatments on the NHS many are left with no alternative than to fund their own IVF treatment via private clinics but the added costs can put the services out of reach of many. Currently there are two other non-profit fertility clinics, Merrion Fertility in Dublin (the only one in Ireland) and Glasgow’s Royal Fertility Clinic so this really is welcome news. It is hoped the central London clinic will open in September. Well done BPAS!

You can get more information about fertility services and the BPAS at the following links;

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DISCLAIMER: PCOS does not have any connections with any of the organisations mentioned & does not advocate for any particular course of action in relation to fertility. Not a substitute for medical advice.

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