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February is heart health month. Having PCOS is associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk and most of us know that its good to think about looking after our heart health but how can we do so? Well, here are just a few tips that may be useful for you to consider in taking care of your heart health

  1. Quit smoking

  2. Reduce your salt intake

  3. Reduce your sugar intake

  4. Reduce saturated fat intake but get plenty of good fats from nuts, avocados & oily fish

  5. Get plenty of fresh fruit & veg (aiming for at least 5 a day)

  6. Include fibre in your diet to help improve cholesterol

  7. Drink alcohol in accordance with guidelines

  8. Enjoy exercise

  9. Reduce stress

  10. If you are overweight, losing 10% can help improve cholesterol, BP & risk of diabetes.

Some of these simple changes can help keep your heart healthier so why not try one or more to see if you can reap the benefits and help your heart!

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DISCLAIMER: Not medical advice. If you need medical advice please speak to your GP/Healthcare professional. PCOS Vitality does not advocate for any particular course of action. Information provided for general purposes only.

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PCOS Vitality were absolutely thrilled to be asked to participate in the ECPO Patient Lounge. ECPO works across Europe to improve the lives of people living with or affected by obesity through advocacy, policy and education. The latest session of their Patient Lounge focused on Women's health. Aware of the role of hormones in just about every function of women’s bodies from reproduction to weight gain, this topic is one that is very close to our hearts at PCOS Vitality.

The live panel had a mix of experts and people with lived experience of both PCOS & Obesity and featured interviews with our very own Maureen and GP power couple Dr Michael Crotty & Dr Caoimhe Hartley. Dr Hartley is a Menopause Specialist who discussed challenges regarding weight gain particularly around Menopause. Maureen spoke about how her experiences of healthcare in relation to PCOS were shaped by stigma regarding her weight and menstruation. Meanwhile Dr Crotty spoke of the challenges of weight management around menopausal transition.

On the panel we had patient advocates Lizzie & Susie who shared their stories of life with PCOS. The ups and downs and how it is even years later that they realise how PCOS is not really talked about even among ourselves. The reflections and audience questions made us all realise that really we know so little about our bodies and that so much of this is down to stigma and that can be applied not only to women’s health but also obesity too. The audience related well to the discussions, in particular to some of the symptoms of Menopause discussed by Dr Hartley. We may even see a surge in the sale of knicker magnets who knows?

If you would like to watch the patient lounge you can do so by following the link here. You can also view past episodes too! Enjoy!

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Traditionally teal is the colour for PCOS, but every February we turn things red to raise awareness of the increased cardiovascular risk factors associated with PCOS. This is a worldwide campaign and we are thrilled to take part. This year we got our red lippy on and our red clothes and made a short movie to highlight the importance of looking after your heart health. PCOS has always been considered a reproductive disorder but it is so much more than that. This is why we try to look after our metabolic and psychological health too.

The movie featured some of our top PCOS advocates – such a great tribute to them too for all the work they do to raise awareness and share their journeys to help others with the condition. We are very grateful for their continued support.

Don’t forget if you need support with PCOS you can always join our Facebook Peer Support Group here…..

And don’t forget you can always check out our resources here on the website.

Stay fabulous!

Maureen x

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