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World PCOS day of unity ...

The energy was uplifting in the World PCOS Day of Unity meeting on 1st September 2020. PCOS advocates from around the globe, joined forces to connect and discuss where we are in terms of PCOS advocacy and the direction we need to take moving forward. It truly was an empowering session. Special thanks to Sasha from PCOS Challenge and PCOS Gurl Ashley and the team for all their organisation.

Day to day, advocates work tirelessly to raise awareness of PCOS because we “get it”. We have been there, at diagnosis, struggling with the symptoms, trying to get the right healthcare and we acknowledge the need to support others with this lifelong condition. The day of unity provided a meeting of minds and we know we are stronger together not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Topics of discussion included, the inequalities in our society and how they too can impact provision of care and support in PCOS. We need everyone to be included from all sections of our communities and ethnicities. More research is needed with regards to ethnicity and PCOS. We talked of how we must prioritise PCOS and see it as a Public Health issue due to the potential for prevention of the long term consequences of which many of us are aware such as Type 2 Diabetes, increased Cardiovascular Risk and Endometrial (Womb) Cancer. The transgenerational effect of PCOS is also a concern for those whose children are now growing older. We need to address weight stigma too both within society and healthcare as this is a barrier to health. We talked about the need for more education about diet and perhaps a move away from drug therapies to a more holistic type of care for PCOS or at least a mix of the two. Sometimes we might need to look outside the medical setting at more Integrative Medicinal approaches. These are something to be explored.

For me, I think the overarching theme was support and education with equitable access for all. It is so important to share evidence-based information for all and acknowledge that life is not a level playing field and that some societies are more privileged than others and we need to consider this in or advocacy. PCOS Vitality has been created to do exactly this, to raise awareness and improve healthcare for everybody with PCOS. For information and support please visit our social media channels on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also have a Facebook Support Group. We try to keep a positive vibe in our group and we are all very supportive of one another. Do feel free to join us. The journey is easier together.

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PCOS Vitality does not recommend any treatments or course of action.We do not provide Medical Advice. Always consult your GP or healthcare provider.

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