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Women's Health Strategy ... government consultation

The Women’s Health Strategy for England will set out an ambitious and positive new agenda on women’s health, with women’s voices at the centre. The government are launching this call for evidence to inform the priorities, content and actions within the Women’s Health Strategy. This exercise will ensure it reflects what women identify as priorities. There is strong evidence of the need for greater focus on women’s health and to recognise and act on the inequalities.

PCOS Vitality welcomes this consultation. We will be calling on the government to implement recommendations with specific regards to healthcare for women & people with PCOS. As an individual you can play your part too by either submitting your own evidence or taking part in the government survey.

We would urge everyone affected by PCOS to send in their experiences of PCOS in healthcare to point out where changes could improve outcomes. PCOS Vitality will be submitting a detailed evidence based response, if you feel you would like to contribute to our submission please feel free to get in touch.

You can complete the survey here

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