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Studies to assess potential effects of Covid-19 vaccination on menstruation...

This research will be welcome news for all menstruators. As we have previously reported, some women have reported changes to their periods after being vaccinated. NIH funds will support research determining whether such changes are linked to the COVID-19 vaccines and how long the changes are expected to last. It is also hoped that researchers will be able to determine which mechanisms underlie the changes taking place. Researchers hope that this knowledge will help reduce vaccine hesitancy and make women and people who menstruate more aware of what to expect post vaccination.

The following institutions will conduct the research:

Boston University; Principal investigator: Lauren A. Wise, Sc.D.

Harvard Medical School, Belmont, Massachusetts; Principal investigator: Laura Allen Payne, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Principal investigator: Mostafa Borahay, Ph.D.

Michigan State University, East Lansing; Principal investigator: Stacey Ann Missmer, Sc.D.

Oregon Health and Science University, Portland; Principal investigator: Alison B. Edelman, M.D.

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