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SIMBA PCOS pioneering med ed with patients at its core...

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

SIMBA (Simulation via Instant Messaging - Birmingham Advance) came to be in response to the sudden disruption to medical education and training during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Simulation-based learning is a useful teaching mode to improve clinicians’ competence which is adaptable to remote learning. It works by creating sessions which are themed on a medical condition, consultants select real-life cases and the transcripts are used by Moderators to simulate the cases over whatsapp. The session is followed by an interactive discussion session with experts. Speakers involved included Prof Wiebke Arlt, Director of IMSR, Prof Helena Teede of Monash University, Dr Punith Kempegowda, Dr Caroline Gillett, Dr Eka Melson, Dr Helena Gleeson, Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos, Dr Justin Chu & Dr Michael O’Reilly. Cases featured examined the important topics of PCOS & Skin, Weight, Fertility and Menstrual Irregularities.

SIMBA PCOS however was a little different as it also included patients in parallel workshops looking at the same real-life cases. Patient organisations involved in this included PCOS Club India, PCOS Vitality & Verity who helped to recruit these volunteers.

Feedback from the session has been very positive. Overall, the event was a huge success. Here are just a few comments we received;

"The event allowed me to feel heard and my struggles empathised with. It empowered me to share openly about the detrimental impacts of the condition and its symptoms on my mental health, a domain of PCOS management that seems to go under-recognised." Chloe, SIMBA PCOS Simulation Participant.

“The SIMBA PCOS event has been a wonderful experience! I have had the pleasure to meet and hear from so many beautiful people with the same condition as mine. It was fascinating to learn from the stories of different 'cyst-ers' from around the globe! What stood out to me most was the involvement of men who respectfully spoke about fertility issues, menstruation, and PCOS-related issues. It is motivating and makes one feel supported. Happy that PCOS is being discussed amongst health professionals. Great work!!!” M Radha, SIMBA PCOS Simulation Participant, Founder of PCOS MRU Spill the Tea Chest.

“This was a really unique and positive experience for us. It meant a lot to us to feel heard and it highlighted some of the things that need to change. In particular, it highlighted the complexity of PCOS and how it is easy to find ways to improve outcomes – it’s the simple things that matter. Also, acknowledging PCOS as a lifelong condition in which every individual will have a particular focus depending on their life stage could help. Importantly, lack of mental health and eating disorder awareness in this population is also evident”. Maureen Busby, CEO & Founder PCOS Vitality

Moreover, the social media impact of SIMBA was huge. SMIBA PCOS reached new heights, pushing SIMBA to the top of the pops of PCOS social media influencers, alongside many of the patient advocates themselves. On behalf of PCOS Vitality and I’m sure all the organisations involved we wish to extend our sincere thanks to all the organisers, speakers, medical students and participants on what was a truly unique learning experience for us all. It is becoming more clear that women and people with PCOS have had to help themselves for far too long and on this occasion it was good to be a central part of the training. Looking forward to future collaborations and progress.

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DISCLAIMER: PCOS Vitality does not recommend any particular course of action. No medical advice. For information only. If you need medical help please consult your GP, Dr or other healthcare professional.

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