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Regaine for hair loss ...product review...

Regaine is the trade name for a cutaneous scalp foam that contains the active ingredient Minoxidil (50mg/g). Minoxidil is a medicine that is thought to work by aiding the blood flow to hair follicles on your scalp. The product packaging states that it is for women aged 18-65 with a family history of hair loss who have general thinning of hair at the top of the scalp (vertex) to use once a day. It does advise that if you have more loss than this it may not work. It is not suitable for all – so check the package details carefully & check with your GP before commencing use. There are many warnings about the use of this product so if you want to try it please follow all the guidelines and leaflet instructions that accompany the foam.

One of our Cysters kindly trialled this product. Here are her thoughts on it...

The product is very easy to use but once you apply it your hair looks wet and sticky. So I applied it at night, then let it dry before going to bed. The product looks just like a regular can of hair mousse that you squeeze a small amount into your hand and apply directly to the scalp. You wash your hands before and after application. Only ever apply it to your scalp – no other areas of the body. Your hair must be dry when applying the foam mousse and you mustn’t apply too much as this can cause side effects. The volume of half a capful is plenty. Part your hair so that you can easily apply the foam to the scalp (not your hair). You use your fingertips then to spread the foam over the area of hair loss until it disappears. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Allow the foam to dry completely especially if applied before going to bed. Only apply once a day.

Overall, I found I had to use it for a while before I noticed any visible results but it definitely worked for me. The only downside is the cost. It is a little bit expensive at nearly £35 a pop, but I do think it is worth it.

One can applied according to the instructions should last approximately 2 months. The leaflet that accompanies the product also states that it has not been trialled for longer than 24 weeks which is a bit disappointing as I'm not sure then if I can continue using it beyond that safely.

If you are interested in finding out more details you can visit their website here;

and watch a video about it here;

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DISCLAIMER: This blog is a product review. Not medical advice. Always consult your doctor.

Warning Regaine is a medicine and the packaging says some people should NOT use it so you must read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist before use as it can cause serious side effects. It must not be used by MEN and you must be careful not to use too much. Please see packaging for full details & precautions. This does not replace medical advice. Always speak to your doctor if you are experiencing hair loss to have it investigated.

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