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Privacy and now punishment concerns about period health apps...

Many individuals now use apps or digital technology to track their menstrual cycle and health. It can genuinely be simple and convenient but as we have highlighted before it is important to be informed about the safety of your health information. It appears that data can be shared in a variety of ways and while some information may seem inconsequential at first, there have been renewed calls advising users to check the platform's privacy policy.

This renewed focus on privacy comes in the wake of the reported decision in the US to overturn the Roe V Wade ruling on abortion, which would make abortion illegal in 22 states. There are fears that menstrual tracking apps could be used to punish those seeking a termination.

Cooper Quintin, senior staff technologist at the EFF, told the BBC: "We strongly suggest that the developers of period tracking apps start thinking about the amount of data they are storing about their customers, and especially the ways that data could one day be used or misused in the future to cause harm, or be a tool of surveillance.

He adds, "Anyone working with user data, especially in the reproductive health space right now, should be thinking about what they can do to minimise the amount of data they collect and hold, and the length of time they hold that data". You can read the full BBC article at the link below

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