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PCOS Vitality Protocol (c)... no not a fad diet...

‘Tis the season to be on a diet yeah? Well actually NO. Drown out the noise of the constant bombardment of people selling weight loss. Instead come and join us in our Facebook Support Group where each week in January we will focus on topics in the PCOS Vitality Protocol©.

While weight gain is often associated with PCOS, it really depends on a lot of factors not just restricting calories and energy expenditure. So instead of jumping on the latest fad diet, join us in going back to basics and looking at how we can use health-promoting behaviours to improve our PCOS symptoms.

All you need to do is join our Facebook Support Group, couldn’t be easier and there are no costs involved.

What’s not to love? You can join here & we start from Monday 11th January 2021;

© PCOS Vitality

DISCLAIMER: not a substitute for medical advice. PCOS Vitality does not advocate any particular course of action or treatment. For general information purposes only. Always consult your medical professionals before changing your eating or exercise routine.

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