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PCOS milky way ...

There is much debate about dairy products for those with PCOS

PCOS milky way!

There is much debate among the PCOS community about whether or not you should cut out certain foods or food groups. Dairy products are one of those groups. I’m not a fan of cutting out a whole food group unless you have a medically diagnosed allergy and I don’t. However, when it came to my choice to go dairy-free the results were so good, for me, there was no going back.

Pre-dairy-free days...

I would get acne and not just on my face. Red inflamed angry spots would appear on my shoulders, back, stomach and thighs. It was not just simple spots either it was painful cystic acne so it really hurt...a lot. Sometimes the spots oozed and some can scar but most fade. In addition to this, I noted that I had a lot of persistent sinus problems, runny nose, sinus infections, blocked nose etc.

Post-dairy-free days...

Sinus problems disappeared since quitting dairy produce and remarkably I rarely ever get colds or flus. I only get the odd spot now around the time of my period but that is a huge improvement for me, I never get any on my body anymore.

The difference dairy makes...

As most of us with PCOS are aware, high levels of androgens play a part in us being more prone to acne. Androgens regulate the production of sebum and so high levels can exacerbate acne. High insulin levels can exacerbate acne too. Often low glycaemic diets are recommended for PCOS. So perhaps for me it was a combination of these two things being reduced that explains why my acne improved so much, but who knows? While the debate rolls on, why not see what works best for you and discuss things with your healthcare provider. Various therapies do exist for Acne so speak to your GP who can advise you or perhaps refer you to a dermatologist (a doctor who specialises in skin conditions like acne).

My diary-free dailies...

I tend to opt for lactose free versions of milk like Arla. My favourite milk is Koko Dairy Free coconut milk as I find it tastes the best in any hot drinks but I find most lactose free milks are ok. Remember I do not have a diagnosed milk allergy so I can choose any of these but they may not be suitable for all. One milk product I steer clear of is soya milk (that’s for another blog). I also eat low lactose cheeses like Brie and specialist lactose free mature cheddars. My favourite is Cathedral City as it is the best tasting! Cheeses that are manufactured from coconut oil don’t cut the mustard for me. So shop around, find what you like.............go on milk it!

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The information provided here is for general purposes only. Always check with your own doctor. PCOS Vitality does not endorse any particular products or course of action.

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