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PCOS makes it to This Morning Television Show...

If you didn't catch the feature on PCOS on This Morning (18th of February, 2020) you can catch the video online on their twitter account. The show featured a Q&A session with a doctor on the topic of PCOS. While it was a short interview, it was good to see PCOS making the headlines for once. The show was inondated with calls with various questions. So much so, that they are planning to do another feature on PCOS at a later date.

For me, the volume of calls demonstrates the lack of awareness and help for those living with PCOS. It is so important we keep raising awareness in the hope we are no longer going to be invisible. As always, some advice given on PCOS may not suit everyone so seek personal advice from your own GP and healthcare professionals.

(c) PCOS Vitality, 2020

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