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“No causal association between Covid vaccines & Menstrual Disorders…so far” …is this far enough?

Anecdotally many people have reported changes to their periods. Some people have experienced a break while others have had heavier menstrual bleeding. This is not entirely surprising as the womb lining is, after all, part of our immune system. We must stress however that it has been reported that any side effects are thought to be temporary but do we really know yet?

A recent press release by the European Medicines Agency gives an update on safety issues regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine Jansen. While they do cite the need to include immune thrombocytopenia as an adverse reaction as well as a warning to alert healthcare professionals and people taking the vaccine of this possible side effect, there is no further advice for menstrual disorders.

The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) also discussed these reports of menstrual disorders post Covid-19 vaccination but stated that no causal association has been found to date between the two. They go on to say that menstrual disorders are very common even without an underlying medical condition.T hey advise anyone experiencing unexpected postmenopausal bleeding to seek medical advice immediately. In the meantime, PRAC will continue to monitor the issue which is why it is important to report any side effects experienced via the Yellow Card Scheme links here[1] or if you live in Northern Ireland here[2]

Throughout the pandemic we have seen a plethora of information on pregnancy and birthing yet information regarding menstruation and vaccines is lacking. At PCOS Vitality we have had several enquiries about this very topic and yet there is no real advice for menstruators let alone those with PCOS. It is reassuring to know that some research is ongoing into menstruation and the vaccine [3]. However, we feel this issue highlights how gynaecological health is often neglected in women’s/people’s health. We need better guidance on this specific to menstruators.

We call on regulatory bodies to issue guidance on this specific concern that women and people who menstruate have. Not only could it potentially, put their minds at ease and help them make more informed decisions about taking up the vaccine but it could also take the strain off GP services which are currently under immense pressure. With long waits for gynaecology appointments this information and assurance is never more needed and we impatiently await the research outcomes.

So remember if you have experienced changes seek medical help, speak to your Dr and if you can report the effects via the yellow card system above.

© PCOS Vitality 2021

DISCLAIMER: Not medical advice. If you need medical advice please speak to your GP or healthcare provider. PCOS Vitality does not recommend any particular course of action. All information provided in good faith.


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