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NHS Multi-cancer early detection blood test trial...

A multi-cancer early detection test (MCED) could be the world's first cancer detecting blood test that can catch cancer early. Initial results have demonstrated high specificity and accuracy, supporting the feasibility of adding the MCED test to current screening tests (Klein et al, 2021).

True positives were 88.7% suggesting the test could be used to increase the number of cancers detected (over 50 of them) via population screening. This of course will potentially lead to improved clinical outcomes.

The NHS-Galleri trial is a research trial to see how well the Galleri blood test works in the NHS. The aim of the trial is to see if using the Galleri test alongside existing cancer screening can help to find cancer early when it is usually easier to treat.

Around 140,000 volunteers age 50 to 77 have registered to take part in the trial.

If introduced the test could be a welcome tool in tackling the covid backlog in cancer waiting lists. It could also lead to better outcomes for gynaecological cancers such as ovarian cancer which are often particularly difficult to detect early.

You can read the original trial here and more about the NHS Galleri Test below

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