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National Girl Child Day...Humans of Safe Places...let's talk period poverty...

In celebration of National Girl Child Day, Sunday 24th of January, we were pleased to participate in a tweet chat in association with Humans of Safe Places. Along with 15 other organisations we enjoyed a live tweet chat on the subject of “Period Poverty”.

The impressive line-up of collaborating organisations included

1. The Pink Box India

2. Project Red Dots

3. Soch Green

4. Loreto Rainbow Homes

5. Paint It Red

6. Sanshil Foundation

7. Azad Aurat Foundation

8. A Period Of Sharing

9. Red Is The New Green

10. मात्रि disha

11. Plastic Free Period

12. The Menstrual Movement

13. आओ बोलें Period

14. Hiccup Menstrual Cups

15. PCOS Vitality

16. The Woman's Company

Questions focused around examining which sections of society are more vulnerable to period poverty, its causes and possible alternative approaches that could help combat it. We also explored the huge impact period poverty can have on the estimated number of girls who drop out of school due to them being unable to afford period products. Why are period products so expensive, yet they are a basic human right and need?

Finally, we discussed how period poverty has a negative impact on health. This is vital to improving health of our nations. People who menstruate need access to period products to ensure dignity and health. The United Nations define menstrual hygiene management as having access to clean products that are changeable in privacy as required, with proper access to water, soap and disposal methods. They advise changing pads every 4 hours or washing and drying reusable cloth towels and hand washing after handling any used pads. Poor menstrual hygiene is linked to increased urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, rashes and could lead to complications.

There is a real need to promote sustainable and safe menstruation especially in marginalised communities. HOSP aspires to break taboos around topics like menstruation by building a safe space for dialogue and awareness to empower girls. ​They promote inclusivity, empathy and respect in society. You can find out more about their work here or follow them on twitter/Instagram here @humansofsafepl

We extend our sincere thanks to Humans of Safe Places for the invitation to participate in this important and empowering event.

© PCOS Vitality, 2021

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