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My my my ....myo-inositol just got better!

When you have PCOS you really are not sure how to treat it. Having fought hard to eventually be prescribed Metformin, I was really disappointed to find that I could not cope with its adverse side effects. I could not eat ANYTHING while taking it. Everything I ate made me ill. So, I had to think again. I’m fortunate to not be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes yet so after discussion with my Endocrinologist, I stopped Metformin.

Meanwhile, I had noticed a lot of cysters in the USA were using Inositol. I spoke to some of them and tried the UK version which at that time was called Infolic, now rebranded and reformulated as Inofolic Alpha. Initial results (reduced excess hair, no more acne, regular periods, some weight loss and glossy hair) were so good I have been using it ever since. You cannot get Inositol on prescription unfortunately.

The new formulation arrived recently so I thought I’d update you on the results. I have found that this new formulation is much easier to blend with water and it is so easy on the tummy, I didn't need to build up the dose in any way and I've already had comments on how shiny my hair is! win win! This may be explained by the new added ingredient Alpha-lactalbumin a whey milk protein. The addition of Alpha-Lactalbumin helps improve the absorption of myo-inositol as it can improve the gut microbiome and allegedly reduces the severity of PCOS, time will tell!

Infolic Alpha is produced by UK pharmaceutical company Pharmasure which has been specialising in fertility support for almost 20 years. PCOS Vitality is not in any way connected with Pharmasure. Inositol is a leading supplement for PCOS. Infolic Alpha contains not only myo-inositol but also alpha-lactobumin and folic acid. Myo-inositol mediates the response of hormones such as insulin and FSH the follicle stimulating hormone both of which are usually altered in everyone with PCOS. Studies suggest intake of myo-inositol can help normalise metabolic and hormonal activity in PCOS.

For further information on Inofolic Alpha please visit their website

Always speak to your doctor before using supplements and especially if you have the MTHFR gene if taking inositol with folic acid added. It is also important to source supplements from a reputable provider – some online supplements have been found to be fake! so be extremely careful. Care should also be taken when using supplements when you are trying to conceive particularly if you don’t have insulin resistance and/or hyperglycemia.

As PCOS is a syndrome and we all experience differing levels of severity of the range of symptoms, results may vary. This is just my personal experience. Now after all these years, although it is not a cure, I find it helps with regulating my period as most of the other symptoms are under control thankfully.

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