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Introducing the “Happy Vulva Club”... the hub of all things “vulva"...

This impressive community aims to celebrate and help educate on all things related to the vulva and gynae health. This is something we, at PCOS Vitality, are also passionate about. For too long the topic of the vulva has been taboo and many healthcare professionals do not use the term, which is something we believe must be addressed. The Happy Vulva Club, set up by Jody, sets out to break the taboo not just on the vulva but also on vulval pleasure via art, sex education and self-love.

The Happy Vulva Club Directory brings people together from across the globe with a shared interest in vulval & gynae health, working collaboratively to educate and/or celebrate the vulva including medical professionals, creative artists, patient organisations and health advocates. PCOS Vitality is very happy to be involved in this inspirational adventure.

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