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Inspire your self!

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We all need a little inspiration now and again. Why not create a physical inspiration board that is within your field of vision every day – it could be a noticeboard on your office wall or a poster on your fridge or kitchen door. Anywhere that you will pass it frequently and feel inspired by the messages you have left for YOU! The internet is flooded with motivational quotes – if you come across one that speaks to you – cut it out, frame it and stick it on your inspiration board. This reminds us to think positively about ourselves and to banish any negative thoughts we may be ruminating! Use the messages to remind you of ideas you’ve had, use quotes, words that influence and inspire you. If you like use images or cut out some beautiful pictures

or photos and include them on your board.

Words have meaning and they affect you – surround yourself with positive messages and remind yourself of your achievements and how you have overcome some of the difficulties of living with PCOS. It is difficult at times and we can do with a little reminder every now and again that we can still move forward and we are not just PCOS.

Use your inspiration board to set goals if you wish. This may involve improving your healthcare regime. Making time out for yourself – get those supplements you’ve been running out of, new recipes or planning to exercise. The overwhelming nature of PCOS means that we sometimes run out of steam a little but seeing our goals can help us to focus on them.

Are you planning a holiday or a special day out as a way of celebration – well then enjoy the journey towards that by living your best life! Maybe push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and do something different. Aim high and don’t forget a little reward is also good. It is important to congratulate yourself for any achievements you make. Keep saying yes to life.

Love being you, PCOS and all!

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