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How do I know if a fertility treatment "add-on" is safe?

The HFEA or Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority have a traffic-light rated list of add-ons for treatments with limited evidence for increasing the chances of having a baby. They have examined whether the treatments are non-essential, if they are being charged for, whether there is evidence demonstrating the safety of the procedure, the likelihood of the treatment producing the desired outcome compared to standard fertility techniques and whether there is a lack of standardised procedure between other labs and limited implementation of the treatment in other sites.

For some treatment add-ons the evidence does not sufficiently demonstrate their efficacy at improving the changes of having a baby for most fertility clients. In general, optional add-ons claim to improve live birth rate and usually involve additional costs on top of routine fertility cycles. HFEA are keen to highlight that for most people, routine cycles of proven fertility treatments are effective in themselves without a need for add-ons. The HFEA endeavours to publish clear and reliable information about some of these treatments using a traffic-light rated system to facilitate understanding of the scientific evidence. Their website has just been updated and you can read the details on the following link. It is important to remember that your clinic should provide you with the evidence of effectiveness of any treatment they offer you and remember for most patients, having a routine cycle of proven fertility treatment is effective without using any treatment add-ons.

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