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Heal PCOS ...

We had the fabulous opportunity to join a free Webinair with Dr Tejal Lathia. The webinar gave attendees the opportunity to learn more about PCOS and to pose questions to the Senior Endocrinologist in live time. We were also joined by Nutritionist Dr Shalini Singhal.

The discussion ranged from use of hormonal contraceptive pills to Fertility and the use of Metformin and the psychosocial impact of having PCOS including stigma around use of contraception.

Dr Lathia has created a new 3 month program for those with PCOS called “Heal PCOS”. For anyone interested in the program it involves bringing together elements of nutrition, health coaching, mental health and most importantly education related to PCOS, backed on scientific knowledge in lay language that all of us can easily understand. The aim of the program is to help provide ongoing support to those with PCOS. For more information on the program including price please visit

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