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Free booklet for everyone with PCOS...

It is so important to have good reliable information for our health. The booklet below is based on evidence based guidelines for PCOS which were published in 2018. It provides easy to understand information about PCOS, what it is, emotional well-being, lifestyle, treatment and fertility.

If you have PCOS or have a family member with PCOS, this booklet could be invaluable in helping to monitor and manage the condition. Don't forget you can get online support in our Facebook Support Group PCOS Vitality Peer Support where you can chat to others that have PCOS and really understand what it is like.

We hope you find this resource as useful as we do - to download it just click on the link here...

Here's to working together and supporting one another to achieve better health outcomes!

(c) PCOS Vitality 2020

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