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Countess of Wessex tackles taboos in Women's Health...

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, lends her voice to tackling taboos around women's health and Menopause. The first royal to do so, has also just become a patron of Wellbeing of Women Charity. This is welcome news given that research has shown that menstruation continues to be shrouded in secrecy and stigma and remains a neglected topic in many places worldwide. We know that many girls/menstruators are uninformed and unprepared and many experience fear and anxiety on reaching Menarche. Those with PCOS are also affected by stigma which can prevent open discussion about this "tabooed disease" and hamper help-seeking. It is important that we have a more holistic approach to menstrual health and recognise that it is part of our everyday health and that there are negatives but there are positives too.

Sophie spoke about struggles going through what is natural bodily changes and how she is trying to see the positive side to it. Frustrated at the way periods are natural but yet so hidden she says that its time to say "enough"! She is not the first to mention that discussions around Menopause for example tend to be incredibly negative and while yes for many it can present challenges such as she herself has experienced it can be a time to reflect and celebrate.

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