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Contraceptive concerns during Covid...

Work is ongoing to ensure that high standards of Sexual and Reproductive Health care are being maintained during Covid. This is relevant to many of those in the PCOS population who use hormonal contraception.

Reflecting the current pandemic situation, some services may be offered remotely. You can speak to your local GP/clinic to get the most up to date information about where and how to access available services including emergency contraception, LARC complications etc.

Your local GP/clinics should have information readily available. For example, you may find for long-acting reversible contraceptive, that some local services are affected to help minimise face-to-face contact. You may be offered oral contraception, or reassured that your LARC is still likely to be effective. If you are at all worried the FSRH recommends you use condoms. In any case you should contact your GP/healthcare provider who will be able to advise. The FSRH has produced a leaflet with advice and guidance which can be accessed here

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Disclaimer: PCOS Vitality does not provide medical information. You must speak to your GP or healthcare provider. All information is supplied in good faith.

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