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Can the new services announced have benefits for those with PCOS too?...we hope so...

As a contributor to the work of the Women’s Health Taskforce, PCOS Vitality welcomes the Minster for Health’s announcement of funding for ambulatory gynaecology services and enhanced endometriosis service under the Women’s Health Fund. Minister Donnelly announced there will be two community-based Ambulatory Gynaecology Services governed by two acute hospitals ie. Tallaght University Hospital & University Maternity Hospital Limerick plus the expansion of the Endometriosis Service at Tallaght University Hospital to deliver a specialist endometriosis centre focused on advanced and complex cases for which there is no ready access in Ireland currently. These actions demonstrate the government’s commitment to promoting and improving women’s health outcomes. It is a significant investment and will improve gynaecology services with the addition of more clinics during 2021 based on the Ambulatory Gynaecology Model of Care. These one-stop "see and treat" clinics based in the community can mean women/people are seen and assessed after referral by their GP in a more timely manner. It can help reduce waiting times and hopefully will improve outcomes for women/people including those with PCOS who may need access to gynaecological care at various times of their life.

Minister Donnelly said:

"The proposals announced today mark the first two areas to be funded from the €5 million Women’s Health Fund. These proposals will address two key areas for improving the health outcomes and experiences of women and girls in Ireland, identified through the work of the Women’s Health Taskforce and in consultation with women, the department and health system stakeholders.[1]

PCOS Vitality hope that our involvement with the Taskforce with regards to PCOS, which affects 1 in 5 women will also feed into the development of more actions on these priority areas. PCOS Vitality’s input emphasised the impact that PCOS can have on all the priority areas of the Women’s Health Taskforce not just gynaecological health but also physical activity, mental health and menopause making it another key priority.

You can watch a synopsis of our presentation to the taskforce on their website, link here.

© PCOS Vitality 2021


[1] - Minister for Health announces funding for ambulatory gynaecology services and enhanced endometriosis service under the Women’s Health Fund, (n.d.). (accessed April 26, 2021).

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