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Loving your PCOS body & mind… #pcos

I am sometimes asked, “What was the best advice you have been given in relation to PCOS?”. Truth be told, I have never been given ANY advice about PCOS. This led me to find a way to look after myself. Here, I share just a few things that I find help a lot. Given the variability in the symptoms experienced these may not work for everyone, however, I hope they inspire you to discover what works for you personally.

1. Listen to your body!

It took a while, but I soon realised that my body reacted to different foods or too much stress. Noticing these things and even recording them in a diary or notebook has helped me to problem solve some of the symptoms I experienced. Noticing patterns has allowed me to spot things I could perhaps try to change to help combat these corresponding symptoms. You too may find it useful to keep a diary – make a note of things like your mood, your energy levels, your skin condition for example and see if there is a pattern in your cycle (I understand sometimes there are symptoms even without your cycle but useful to examine the details nonetheless – isn’t that just awful to have all the PMS symptoms and sometimes even cramps/pain but no cycle). I found for example that sugary drinks were a problem for me as I would break out in acne spots so that was one of the first thing I ditched!

2. Get some sleep!

Sleep is important and I mean good quality sleep and preferably at least 8 hours! Sometimes with PCOS you can oversleep or feel fatigue and that is ok. Sometimes we need more sleep. Make sure your room is cool, your bed comfortable, invest in a good eye mask, I use lavender oil too (make sure it’s the pure kind) and keep the electronics and phones switched off and enjoy!

3. Build a good support network around you and use it!

There are many online support groups that can help you with tips and just generally giving you someone to share your pcos problems with. Get in touch if you need more details of good groups. Its so reassuring to know you are not alone in your PCOS journey.

4. Realise it is ok to not be ok sometimes!

Realising that PCOS is a chronic illness was a bit of a turning point for me. I have realised that it is difficult at times but that if I can find ways to cope well with the condition I can make sure that I stay in control of it and it has got easier as the years have gone by. I learn as I go but yes some days are better than others and we are only human. Take the very best care of yourself both physically and mentally. Seek help if you need it.

5. Do what you can when you can according to where you are at and want to do!

Depending on where you are in your life you may have different priorities. Think about what it is you want to achieve? Whether it is fertility or fitness… you can adjust your priorities to suit those plans. Fit your priorities around your energy levels or do things in stages. Allow yourself that space to breathe if you need it. One step back can let you take two steps forward.

Wishing you good health and happiness, PCOS Vitality ©

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