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Keeping up appearances...during lockdown...

So, none of us want to come out of this looking like we have been dragged through a hedge backwards so let’s just improvise eh? I mean who needs an excuse for self-care anyway? We are worth it!

Lockdown haircut

Have you seen the photos on socials? Yeah, do it right. Don't get carried away all you need is a little trim, don’t scalp yourself – if you are unsure don't cut your hair, leave it and just focus on maintenance of your luscious locks. Try some hair nourishing masks and oils which you can now leave in for longer than usually have time for.

Root of the problem

I’m well overdue a hair colour, but luckily I have access to some root cover up spray. You may still be able to order some of it online or try a home colour kit (be careful not to colour the bathroom and all the furnishings at the same time – been there!).

Look into my eyes not my brows

Now, if like me, your PCOS brows are taking on a new life of their own …monobrow is the word I’m thinking of…it is time to get waxing and tweezing. Thankfully big natural brows are still in but a good tidy up will tame those unruly brows.


Give yourself a nice hand soak and then treat your cuticles, file your nails and paint your fav colour on. Splash on a nice bright colour to lift your mood – we all need a little pick me up right now. We know summer is coming – so now is a good time to start some feet treats to get those little tootsies ready to make a show in your lovely flip-flops and sandals. A little foot spa is fab or just a plain old basin of warm bubbly scented water does the job. If you mix sugar and olive oil you have an excellent foot exfoliator pay particular attention to your heels and rinse well so you don't slip! If you want an overnight foot treatment put moisturiser on your feet before bed and pop on an old pair of socks to let them restore their moisture while you catch some zzzzs.

Coconut-oil rescue

Lastly, if you are running low on moisturisers, if you have a trusty jar of coconut oil knocking around the kitchen, well, it kinda doubles up for most things…moisturiser…hand cream …hair conditioner…so get busy pampering yourself...there are no excuses!

Guest blog by : Gemma L

© PCOS Vitality, 2020

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