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Keep cool...look hot...

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Want to keep cool and look hot as we do? The recent humid temperatures can play havoc with our skin, increasing the activity of the sebaceaous glands. Skin can appear oily, dry and make open pores more pronounced so its good to keep hydrated. Here we share some of our fav handy products that can give you great results.

A good facial mist, such as Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray is a lovely way to cool your face and is reasonably priced. Great too if you are having menopausal flushes. Keep it in your bag for an extra boost of hydration throughout your day. Another of our favs is Caudalie Beauty Elixir which doubles up as a make up setting spray. It is more expensive but the scent is wow! really refreshing.

Ever wondered what they do with Wonky cucumbers? No? neither did we haha. Well, the Body Shop have found a novel use for them in their Body Shop Cool Cucumber Body Butter. We love this product for its refreshing scent and because it contains Shea Butter known for its great moisturising properties.

If you want to splurge, there is the five-star reviewed, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray for Hair and Body (not suitable for face). The scent of this alone is worth every penny. Shimmer and soften your skin leaving a beautiful sheen. Summer in a bottle? Get up and glow cysters.

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