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Hairy PCOS moments ....

Today, we share this anonymous guest blog...

When my teenage friends started to tease me about my “moustache” and calling me a “cat” because of my hairiness I was so humiliated & embarassed. I mean it’s not like it’s something we talk much about is it? Like being a woman and growing facial hair? I eventually mentioned my embarrassment to my brother’s girlfriend and she introduced me to Jolen crème bleach which helped disguise the problem a little. I was probably more conscious of the hair than others were. It still affected me. It was only when the symptoms became much more noticeable to others that I knew it was time to see my doctor. Unfortunately my doctor was dismissive of the facial hair problem....saying oh a lot of people get that, it’s nothing to worry about. But I did worry about it. A lot.

This is why I think things like PCOS Vitality are so fab because we learn so much from other women who have it too. I’ve just put up with the facial hair for waaay too long. I was relieved to hear other women’s stories about how they live with and have dealt with this too. It has really helped me a great deal to realise that there are physical changes going on in my body and most importantly that I should be taken seriously about my health. I've since gone back to my doctor who has referred me to a specialist in hormones for some tests to see if there are any other treatments that I can get to help reduce this problem. This time I wasn't taking no for an answer. So my message is thank you to all the women for sharing your stories and if you, like me, have this problem know that there is help out there. Thanks. (anon.)

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