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A meaningful way to help mothers of Ukraine…

Image by Evgeniy Maloletka/AP1

According to the United Nation Population Fund, 80,000 women are estimated to give birth in the next three months without any maternal care in Ukraine in undergrounds as the babies are rushed to the nearest ‘makeshift bomb shelters’ .[1]

The living conditions of women in Ukraine can have devastating ripple-consequences on their health as well as quality of life over the upcoming decades since the basic health care facilities are becoming too damaged to provide them with the proper first hand treatments. Day and night pregnant women are exposed to cold, fever, virus and fatigue[1]. It is also obvious that there will be great scarcity of clean water, food and medical facilities. What must have been a beautiful experience can turn into a life-threatening situation. The good news is that you can help literally change the life of a new born by donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Being in a PCOS support group, we have heard a lot of heart-breaking stories about miscarriages and the struggle to conceive therefore seeing vulnerable pregnant women without sufficient medication and forced to deliver their child in basements is really heart-breaking and resonates with many of us which leaves us thinking how we can help.

The PCOS community genuinely wants to reach out to the women in Ukraine and invite you all to contribute in any possible way. With some humanitarian support, we can at least birth the hope for peace and ensure that these women are provided with basic amenities.

Any help would be extremely helpful. Visit the Disasters Emergency Committee (link below).

Let us all contribute for the child’s first smile to be in a peaceful environment.

(c) Mohinee Radha, PCOS Vitality, 2022

[1] First Person: Giving birth during the Ukraine crisis, on 21/03/22 [2] Ukraine: Conflict compounds the vulnerabilities of women and girls as humanitarian needs spiral , <> accessed on 21/03/22 [3] First Person: Giving birth during the Ukraine crisis, on 21/03/22

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